Production Profile

  • LV Modular Distribution systems / withdrawable MCCs

  • MV Metalclad Switchgears up to 36kV: for distribution and transmission; with Soft-Starters; for Reactive Power Compensation; for Neutral Grounding

  • Automation, Protection and Control, Telecommunication cubicles, for HV Substations (AC, DC transmission lines)

  • Containerized Substations/ LER

  • Automation panels; machine tools cabinets; panels for renewable energy farms; SCADA

  • Compact Trunking bus-bar systems and classic bus-bar ducts (air insulated)

  • Metal Enclosures and parts

  • Accessories/ sub-assemblies for electric panels (ventilation blocks, LED lighting syst., etc)

Company Profile

  • Founded:

  • Legal form:

  • Original manufacturer:

  • Employees:

  • Spaces:                   


joint stock company

engineering, manufacturing, installation; LV and MV switchgears; Automation Panels

520 staff (98 engineers; 310 direct workers)

40.000 m2 (production bldg.) - 50.000 m2 (yard, warehouses)           

Management System and Certifications

  • SA 8000 Compliance 

  • ISO   9001: 2008

  • OHSAS 18001: 2007

  • ISO 14001: 2004

  • RoHS Compliance

  • CNCAN Certification

  • AFER Certification

  • ISO 3834-3: 2006; EN 15614;

      EN 287-1; EN 1418

  • ISO 17025 : 2005

  • ISO 12944-6:1998; 2808:2007

      4618:2006; 2409:2007; 9227:2006

Corporate Social Responsibility

Quality management

Management of Health and Labour Security

Environment management

Using non - dangerous materials.

Nuclear works

Welding management

Laboratories management (electric, mechanic, chemical)

Paint & Coating management

Utilities and capabilities

  • ELECTROTEL has its own modern metal works division, for mechanical processing and coatings (punching; bending; plasma cutting; chipping works, electrostatic powder painting, galvanization etc.)

  • High capacity, modern and flexible production: prototyping, small/large orders, complex projects, short lead time

  • High quality assured by: control, test, calibration equipment, specialized laboratories, professional tooling

  • Fully certified equipment TTA (Type Tested Assembly) acc. to IEC 61-439-1/2;  IEC 62-271-200

  • ​Flexible engineering and R&D: separate TTA, with devices from ABB, Eaton, Schneider, Siemens, (at request, Alstom, GE)

Special applications (offshore/onshore)

  • hard climatic zones (interior of Polar Circle, Tropics, Desert):

  • nuclear; hydro; thermo-power plants

  • oil & gas; petrochemical: offshore and onshore oil rigs; gas processing plants; refineries

  • Power Control Mobile Stations for drilling rigs (ac, dc electric drives and MCC)

  • Local Electrical Rooms (containerized stations) for: generators control; gas turbines; photovoltaic fields

  • industry: cement plants; metallurgy; mining sector;

  • transport: railways and maritime fields

  • water treatment, irrigations, pumping stations.

MCC Spectracon
Electrotel Logo
Siemens S8
Siemens S8 Manufacturing

Sales Distribution

70-85% of ELECTROTEL production is directly or indirectly exported on 6 continents:

EU, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, North and South America, Australia

15-30% of production is delivered to local clients

LER - Localized Electrical Room Transport

Main Partners

International partners:

Alstom Grid (France, Germany, UK, USA, Switzerland, Italy, Qatar, Dubai)

Alstom Transport, Schneider  (Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Australia)

Siemens (Germany, UK, USA, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Japan, Thailand)

Daewoo, ABB (Qatar), Eaton, Gazprom, OMV, ENEL (Italy), E-on (Germany) Kaufland,

IPT (Lebanon), Lafarge, Holcim, Saint Gobain, Air Liquide, Ineo GdF Suez,

GFAC (Switzerland) 3R (Sweden) Sunpower Tenessol (USA/France) IGEL Electric (Germany) etc.

Romanian partners:

Imsat-SNEF; OMV Petrom; Romelectro; Romenergo; Interagro; Eurosic; ICPE-Actel; Energomontaj; Electromontaj; CFR; Confind; Electrica; Hidroelectrica; Termoelectrica; Transelectrica; Maguay