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Company Profile

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joint stock company

engineering, manufacturing, installation; LV and MV switchgears; Automation Panels

440 staff (98 engineers; 310 direct workers)

40.000 m2 (production bldg.) - 50.000 m2 (yard, warehouses)           

Electrotel Logo
MCC Spectracon

Production Profile

  • LV Modular Distribution systems / withdrawable MCCs

  • MV Metalclad Switchgears up to 36kV: for distribution and transmission; with Soft-Starters; for Reactive Power Compensation; for Neutral Grounding

  • Automation, Protection and Control, Telecommunication cubicles, for HV Substations (AC, DC transmission lines)

  • Containerized Substations/ LER

  • Automation panels; machine tools cabinets; panels for renewable energy farms; SCADA

  • Compact Trunking bus-bar systems and classic bus-bar ducts (air insulated)

  • Metal Enclosures and parts

  • Accessories/ sub-assemblies for electric panels (ventilation blocks, LED lighting syst., etc)

Management System and Certifications

  • SA 8000 Compliance 

  • ISO   9001: 2008

  • OHSAS 18001: 2007

  • ISO 14001: 2004

  • RoHS Compliance

  • CNCAN Certification

  • AFER Certification

  • ISO 3834-3: 2006; EN 15614;

      EN 287-1; EN 1418

  • ISO 17025 : 2005

  • ISO 12944-6:1998; 2808:2007

      4618:2006; 2409:2007; 9227:2006

Corporate Social Responsibility

Quality management

Management of Health and Labour Security

Environment management

Using non - dangerous materials.

Nuclear works

Welding management

Laboratories management (electric, mechanic, chemical)

Paint & Coating management

Siemens S8
Siemens S8 Manufacturing

Utilities and capabilities

  • ELECTROTEL has its own modern metal works division, for mechanical processing and coatings (punching; bending; plasma cutting; chipping works, electrostatic powder painting, galvanization etc.)

  • High capacity, modern and flexible production: prototyping, small/large orders, complex projects, short lead time

  • High quality assured by: control, test, calibration equipment, specialized laboratories, professional tooling

  • Fully certified equipment TTA (Type Tested Assembly) acc. to IEC 61-439-1/2;  IEC 62-271-200

  • ​Flexible engineering and R&D: separate TTA, with devices from ABB, Eaton, Schneider, Siemens, (at request, Alstom, GE)

Special applications (offshore/onshore)

  • hard climatic zones (interior of Polar Circle, Tropics, Desert):

  • nuclear; hydro; thermo-power plants

  • oil & gas; petrochemical: offshore and onshore oil rigs; gas processing plants; refineries

  • Power Control Mobile Stations for drilling rigs (ac, dc electric drives and MCC)

  • Local Electrical Rooms (containerized stations) for: generators control; gas turbines; photovoltaic fields

  • industry: cement plants; metallurgy; mining sector;

  • transport: railways and maritime fields

  • water treatment, irrigations, pumping stations.

Sales Distribution

85-90% of ELECTROTEL production is directly or indirectly exported on 6 continents:

EU, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, North and South America, Australia

LER - Localized Electrical Room Transport

Main Partners

International partners:

International partners: Alstom Grid/ GE (France, Germany, UK, USA, Switzerland, Italy, Qatar, Dubai) Alstom Transport, Schneider  (Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Australia) Siemens (Germany, UK, USA, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Japan, Thailand) Daewoo, ABB (Qatar) Eaton, OMV, ENEL, E-on, Kaufland, IPT (Lebanon), Lafarge, Holcim, Saint Gobain, Air Liquide, Ineo Engie (France), GFAC (Switzerland) 3R (Sweden) Sunpower Tenessol (USA/France) Toshiba - Mitsubishi - TMEIC (UK), IGEL Electric (Germany), CERN (Geneva - France) etc.

Romanian partners:

Imsat-SNEF; OMV Petrom; Romelectro; Romenergo; Interagro; Eurosic; ICPE-Actel; Energomontaj; Electromontaj; CFR; Confind; Electrica; Hidroelectrica; Termoelectrica; Transelectrica; Maguay

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